Streamline your process from initial customer contact to fulfilled custom order

Dynamic, user-guided design, delivered over a browser, with instant access to estimations, parts lists, shopping carts, 3D-printer-ready files, etc. - Output tailored to your needs.

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Automated Expertise

Your business rules, built into software. We extract your expertise and put it into code that empowers your team to focus on the complex parts of their job while your system does the rest.


Design Simplified

No learning curve. Visual design as simple as drag and drop places control into the hands of your sales team, your customer, or any user you choose. Use your engineers at the right time, not when you’re forced to.


Delivered via Browser

Cloud based design to enable your team. LightningCAD systems are easily accessible with no installation necessary, supporting collaboration in your organization and beyond. Design, share, and produce without the holdups.


Instant Estimation

Why have two steps when you could have one? LightningCAD systems estimate for you as you design. Streamline your end-to-end process by eliminating the back and forth between design and fulfillment.


Professional Output

From construction blueprints to ready to print 3D surgical toolkits, your custom system delivers what you need. Quickly, intuitively, automatically updated as you design. Focus on your expertise and expand your capacity.


Multi-Industry Performance

LightningCAD supports any design, build, or engineer-to-order business. RoleModel Software has a proven track record providing solutions to industries like healthcare, architecture, engineering, construction, and manufacturing.

Reduce Days to Hours

“Quoting times have been drastically reduced from about 4 hours to 30 minutes. Our quoting consistency has vastly improved and the guys are absolutely over the moon about it. Using the configurator to ‘bypass’ the drafting team and go directly to manufacturing has reduced production lead times by 3-4 days. The ROI on our current use of the software internally is massive–at least 80%.”

Rodney Pudney
Design Engineer
Sayfa Group

How LightningCAD Works

LightningCAD is the solution bridge between complex CAD programs and simple Configure Price Quote (CPQ) software. DPQ, or Design Price Quote software allows users to customize a design solution that maintains high performance CAD functionality, while providing a user-guided experience that can free up your CAD engineers to focus on complex cases, empower your sales team to design themselves, or even enable your clients to configure their own plan. If your company is involved with design or configuration, LightningCAD could dramatically increase your productivity and selling opportunities.


So what are the next steps? 

1. Build on Top of Our LightningCAD Framework

This framework is a springboard to fast track the development of complex solutions.

2. Assess Your Needs & Develop Your Strategy

Your needs come first as we listen to you and plan the best course of action to bring your vision to fruition.

3. Customize Your Solution

RoleModel's Craftsmen collaboratively identify your expertise and translate that into unique features for you.

4. Scale Your Business

Realize the business value of your new-found automation and efficiency.

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Our LightningCAD framework has been carefully crafted to solve the scaling problems businesses like yours face when your experts time becomes a bottleneck.
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Custom Visual Design

With LightningCAD, you can bypass generic CAD tools, utilizing a system that provides error free, standards compliance designs

  • Instantly design visually in 2D or 3D
  • Export designs in required formats
  • Error-free standard compliance designs
  • Realtime 3D rendering with intuitive tools
  • User-focused, rather than generic CAD tools

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Instant Access To Estimation/Parts List/Blueprints

Enjoy instant access to estimation, parts list and blueprints. helped their customers create their own deck designs with LightningCAD.

  • Outputs updated automatically as you design
  • Approval ready plans with no extra steps
  • Accurate output with safeguards and guidelines
  • Advanced design by non-experts
  • Quality for both simple and advanced designs

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Reduce Engineering Time

Place design power in the hands of your ideal user. Cut down rework and strengthen your feedback loop.

  • Simple design tools for customers and sales reps
  • Automate tedious engineering tasks
  • Streamline productivity and expand output capacity
  • Over 30% of time savings from design to fulfillment
  • Focus engineers on hard problems, not sales

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Streamline The Estimation Process

With LightningCAD, you reduce your estimation time and expand capacity.

  • Eliminate back and forth for customers and estimators
  • Sales teams can re-design and change estimations
  • Customers can easily design and get estimations
  • Estimators only need to focus on complex designs

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From Static Plans To Dynamic Tools

LightningCAD has the capability to customize your options for inputs and outputs from file conversion to embedding estimation metrics.

  • Convert static files into dynamic resources
  • Automate formerly manual calculation processes
  • Take the guesswork out of estimation
  • Support multiple outputs from original files

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Learn how LightningCAD can work for you!
Our LightningCAD framework has been carefully crafted to solve the scaling problems businesses like yours face when your experts time becomes a bottleneck.
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