Custom home building is about more than just a blueprint

A software tool designed to help contractors, builders, and suppliers centralize and simplify the process of building houses.

2D Design

Import CAD files and use Shell Builder's snapping wall tool to build your floor plan, complete with windows, doors and more!

3D Modeling

Watch your floor plan come alive and explore it from all angles with just a few clicks

Cost Estimates

Easily form a budget plan by utilizing the built-in estimate feature that works as you go


As you place and move walls and fictures, measurements are easily captured and adjusted

Product Lists

Based on your requirements for the project, let Shell Builder keep track of just what you need and how much

Web Based

No more clunky desktop applications! Access your project from anywhere that has an internet connection

How It Works

There's so much more that goes into building a dream house than just a blueprint.

Whether you're a builder designing for a potential buyer, a contractor figuring out quantities and costs, or a supplier keeping the industry stocked with the materials it needs, Shell Builder is designed to put you ahead of the rest.

With a few minutes of pointing and clicking on your imported plan through the simple web-based application, Shell Builder will generate a realistic 3D model, showing you what the finished house will look like before you even break ground.

As you're building your plan, Shell Builder is also keeping track of measurements all over the house. This allows for accurate depictions of walls, windows, doors, and spaces within the model. Additionally, those measurements are also used to provide a careful cost estimate for the structure being built.

It gets better. Once your model is built, that's when you get to put the "custom" in custom home.

Is that room to big?

No problem. Using the same simple point and click functions, add a wall to divide the space to make the dimensions a little cozier.

Is this room too small?

Knocking out a wall is as easy as clicking on it and pressing "delete".

Don't like the location of that door or window?

It's all good, simply click on the fixture and drag it to its desired location. Shell Builder reflects surface area changes and square footage with real-time changes.

Does it sound too good to be true?

For once, it isn't.

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