Flow Designer

Take control of your design and estimation with an intuitive solution customized to your business!

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How does it work?


You have components or products that connect together in a specific way


These products have rules regulating how they connect


We build those rules into your tailored design software


As you design your software instantly produces all the data you need.

Flow Designer is the perfect fit for:
Liquid Transfer Solutions, Health Sciences, Pipes and Fittings Design, Clean Room Design, Regulation Intensive Components, and more.
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What can Flow Designer do for you?

Improve Precision

Your workflow, products, and business rules are customized into an intuitive design tool so that you get automated consistency, a single source of truth for both your company and customer, with streamlined communication and project clarity.

Streamline Revisions

Communicate options and changes with your customer instantly. Every change you make will update your cost estimate, the 3D visualization, and breakdown of design components. Your team will experience a faster output with improved expectation management.

Grow your Company

By building your business rules and product relationships into an intuitive design platform, you can set your business up to maximize your capabilities. Flow Designer will provide your company with a software asset that can grow with you!

Maximize Expertise

Your least skilled employees can utilize the knowledge of your experts with an automated system. This will free up the time of your skilled employees, and expand the capabilities of your entire team.

Flow Designer helps you streamline your component design from start to finish
This solution provides the ability to quickly lay out designs, manage your products and systems, and ultimately streamline your design and estimation process from start to finish. Technical and regulation heavy environments welcomed!
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