Your railing system translated into a customized design solution

Design in 2D, view in 3D from every angle, instantly populate a parts list, and get a quote with the click of a button.

Customize your Railing Designer

From Railings, Balustrades, and Fencing, to Guard Rails, Security Perimeters and Fall Safety Platforms

Railing Designer was made to be customized for your products. Through a simple process, we onboard your parts and building rules into your personal design platform.

This software lets you:


Intuitively Design Online

Your sales team and customers now have the ability to create and share their ideal design in an intuitive 2D platform online. This makes communication with your customer fast and effective, so you experience shorter sales cycles, with less rework.


Produce Instant Estimates

Because your products, pricing, and building rules are automated into the designer, you have access to accurate estimates while you design. This means painless revisions, and lightning fast quotes.


Manage Your Process

Keep track of every customer and the materials you need to fulfill their orders. Our order management capabilities give you total access to modify, manage, and update any order at any step of the process. Railing Designer can also integrate seamlessly with your ERP or CRM system.


Sell Designs Visually

As you design in 2D, the software builds the model in real time, so your customer can see their design in realistic 3D. You get more powerful selling capabilities because your customer doesn't have to imagine how their design will look!

Learn about our two pricing options

Each partnership is a custom agreement, but typically we offer two cost structures:

1. Pay up front for your customized design

2. Performance Payment Plan - we make money when you do! (most popular)

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We understand that there is a lot that goes into your railing system. Railing Designer brings our software experience together with your railing industry expertise to create a powerful solution that knows your railings and empowers your business.

Ken Auer, Founder and CPO, RoleModel Software

Software Features Explored Further


Using the intuitive built-in design tools, drag and drop to define railing outlines. Use Railing Designer internally for your sales team or integrate it with your website to let your customers design their own railing systems.


Customers can submit completed designs for quotes, which can be revised by your team if needed. Railing Designer allows for quick and painless feedback cycles between your business and your customers.


Throughout the design process, pricing estimates will be recorded and updated instantly. Because Railing Designer is customized with your pricing model in mind, your estimates will reflect it accurately.


Railing Designer can connect to your ERP or CRM system so that you have total control over your end to end process. Additionally, whatever workflow enhancements your company might need can be added to the customization process.


Take control with a designer customized just for your business. Give us your product specifications, price per unit, and other important information, and we'll build it into your unique Railing Designer.


View your design in realistic 3D at any point of the design process. Validate your design after every change with visual representation. After customizing Railing Designer to your business, your visual design will accurately reflect the parts your company sells and designs.

Visual Selling

When a customer considers a railing system, they don't often think about the building process. They think about the final product. They think about the railings in place, providing aesthetics, safety, guidance, or a combination of all three.

Get to the final product faster with Railing Designer. Design railing systems internally, or integrate with your website to allow customers to design on their own. Intuitive 2D drag-and-drop controls keep everyone engaged, and with access to realistic 3D views, each customer will know exactly what they're getting. Railing Designer also provides accurate estimates, based on your pricing structure, and they update every time you make a change!

We understand that there is a lot that goes into your railing system. Railing Designer brings our software experience together with your railing industry expertise to create a powerful solution that knows your railings and empowers your business.

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Do you create railings, balustrades, fences, or perimeter security solutions? Do you have a unique system? If that's you, we want to have a conversation to discuss how Railing Designer can help scale your business. Take away the pain of having to design your systems by hand or with software that doesn't know your product.

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