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Dynamic design software in a browser, tailored to your business. LightningCAD delivers a rich, intelligent model by automating your product's constraints in a real-world context. 

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You might be a fit for LightningCAD if you have:


Systemized Products

If you have products with consistencies, then those rules can be built into design automation on top of LightningCAD.


Geometric Variability

If your products are laid out spatially in a physical space, then LightningCAD can prevent mistakes, and expedite design output.


Design/Estimation Bottlenecks

Are you experiencing a time consuming design and estimation process? LightningCAD solutions free up the time of your experts.

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“Quoting times have been drastically reduced from about 4 hours to 30 minutes. Our quoting consistency has vastly improved and the guys are absolutely over the moon about it. Using the configurator to ‘bypass’ the drafting team and go directly to manufacturing has reduced production lead times by 3-4 days. The ROI on our current use of the software internally is massive–at least 80%.”

Rodney Pudney
Design Engineer

Your Business In Software

Our solutions accurately drive design for complex solutions from reconstructive dental surgery (producing 3D printed drill guides for technicians), airfield design for the Air Force, to end-to-end product kitting with our partner Sayfa. Yours could be next! 

Embrace Constraints

Embrace constraints to automate what doesn't change. For example, railings can't span 100 ft without posts in the middle. Similarly, your products have rules your experts follow to create your designs. We build those rules into your solution so you eliminate mistakes, and fast track design output. 

Rich-Intelligent Model

Your LightningCAD solution doesn't simply offer a representation of your products, but rather your actual design in digital format. This allows for real-time estimates, parts lists, 2D/3D visuals, and more as you design.

Real-World Context

Whether you design over floor plans, analyze topography maps, or work in highly technical industries, LightningCAD was created to be customized to your company's needs and how you deliver products. 

More than just a design tool
Not only do LightningCAD solutions streamline your design output, but it can also be integrated with your ideal workflow. RoleModel Software collaborates with you to think about process first, and software second so that your LightningCAD solution seamlessly fits your business. From CRM and ERP solution integration, to import/export requirements, and more.
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How does LightningCAD work?

The LightningCAD Framework

LightningCAD is our proprietary software developed since 2015 with a $2M+ investment that serves as a springboard to fast track the development of design solutions in a browser.

Strategize Together

At RoleModel, we focus on the process first, and then software. Our software Craftsmen will work with you to determine your opportunities in software to find your ideal solution.

Customize Your Solution

Once we identify your opportunities, we collaboratively work with you to customize your design software. Not only do we build your solution to your product needs, but also integrate the solution with your workflow.

Scale your Business

Your tailored design software now frees you up to scale your business on a sustainable foundation that can grow as you experience heightened success. 

What Makes LightningCAD Different?


It's not CAD

LightningCAD operates in a browser and automates your design rules to deliver CAD functionality without the time waste. Similar to how easy CPQ software is to use, Our solutions are intuitive, flexible for complex cases, and customized to deliver accurate data, every time. The best of both CAD and CPQ solutions.


Not For Engineers

LightningCAD solutions aren't meant to replace your engineers, but rather free up their time to focus on complex cases. Our tailored software solutions enable your experts to make a bigger impact, and provide your company the chance to be more productive, reduce errors, and maximize the output of your employees.

Industry Experience

We've delivered dynamic LightningCAD solutions across a wide range of industries, from medical devices, to military applications, and even creative startups. Our library of successful software projects not only gives you confidence, but also gives us a deep network of experience to leverage in your project.

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Design Price Quote (DPQ)

Industry-Focused LightningCAD Solutions

Design Price Quote solutions are areas where we have developed numerous industry-specific design tools where we can leverage our past work to save you time and money developing your tailored LightningCAD solution. 

Railing Designer

From glass railings, to industrial guard rails, Railing Designer is ready to be customized to your products to streamline your design process. Learn More

Dock Designer

From floating docks, to multi-level docks and marinas, Dock Designer can be tailored to your business' differentiators, add professionalism, and expedite your design and estimation output. Learn More 

Building Designer

A software tool designed to help contractors, builders, and suppliers centralize and simplify the process of building houses. Learn More

Airfield Designer

Created for the U.S. Air Force, Airfield Designer takes topographic map data and assists in analyzing the ideal placement of airfields, and how much dirt is needed to move. This solution has massive potential in the civil engineering space

Flow Designer

Liquid Transfer Solutions, Health Sciences, Pipes and Fittings Design, Clean Room Design, Regulation Intensive Components, and more. Flow Designer was created to help you lay out compatible systems accurately with efficiency.  Learn More

Don't take our word for it! Look at these case studies:

2D/3D configuration tool to accurately design fall protection systems without a draftsperson

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Estimating/takeoff for landscaping industry. Mobile/tablet 2D file markups with Javascript

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3D design tool to create custom surgical guides for complex dental surgery in less time

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They’re more than just a software company – they understand business and work well within this realm. They excel in translating technical conversations into layperson’s terms. They also helped us figure out our cost-benefit ratio as we decided which path to go down throughout the process. They’re customer-goal focused.

John Ballard
Absolute Dental