We build your docks into a customized design solution!

Design docks visually with instantly generated estimates and construction plans.

Customize your Dock Designer

Visual, intuitive, user-guided design

Your customer now has the ability to create their ideal dock design on an intuitive platform that allows for quick and painless changes. Dock Designer makes communication with your customer fast and effective, so you experience shorter sales cycles, with less rework.

Instant and accurate estimates

Because your products, building process, and estimation rules are integrated into the designer, estimates are accurately calculated in real time as the design is created. Whether you’re designing a single slip dock or an entire marina, you get better results with less overhead.

Manage the process from initial customer contact to delivery

Keep track of every customer and the materials you need to fulfill their orders. With Dock Designer’s order management capabilities you have total access and control to modify, manage, and update any order at any step of the process.

See How Easy it is to Design a Dock

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Oasis Boat Docks

Design tool for boat docks featuring different roof styles and boat slips and lifts.

  • Includes design capability for roofs on docks
  • Visualizes steel pilings and metal framework
  • Includes boat slips and boatlifts
  • Enables design of the structure and the land around it

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American Muscle Docks

Powerful dock design and sales tool

  • Precise placement of visualized accessories
  • Enhanced PDF export
  • Customizable admin pricing controls
  • Toggle decking to view internal structure
  • Grade ratings for gangways

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Are you a dock building company?
Dock Designer was made to be customized! Learn how your business can get started with a design solution tailored to your business.
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Our promise to you is that you will have a selling tool that differentiates your company from the competition, enabling a design process that will delight your customers, and streamline your sales and fulfillment process.

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Key Features

Your Docks Visualized

Import your own products and engineering rules for accurate visual representation, and real-time estimates.

Dock Designer is made to be customized to your dock construction specifications. This means two things:
  1. Your 2D and 3D views will accurately reflect the character and visual consistency of your specific building process.
  2. Having your preferred materials, products and construction rules built into the designer allows for instant estimates specific to your docks that update when design changes are made.

Design Online

Dock Designer operates in a browser so you can share and collaborate with your customers and staff.

Because Dock Designer is online, you have greater shareability and user access control. This gives you the ability to see and edit your customer’s designs, easily share designs with coworkers or customers, and gives you the ability to design on site or on the go with a tablet.

Streamline Your Quotes And Order Management

Manage your quotes and orders with a powerful backend system

Our order management system gives you the visibility to control each customer quote and order with ease. You can make changes to a design online, share it with a coworker, and even integrate with your ERP, CRM, or other backend systems. You get more control over the entire process from design to installation.

How does the customization process work?

3 Simple Steps to Get You Started

1. Customize your Dock Designer

Collaborate with us to build your specific dock building process into the dock designer feature set.

2. Implement your Solution

Feature your custom Dock Designer on your website or internally with your sales team!

3. Scale your Business

Win more customers with less hassle and shorter sales cycles.

Find out how Dock Designer can work for you.
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undefinedThe same old process is changing. Consumers are becoming more and more dependent on visual selling, but what options do you have when you design by hand? Welcome to Dock Designer, where your building rules are automated into a visual design platform. Dock Designer runs in a browser, so your sales team or customer can design in 2D, see their dock in 3D, and instantly receive accurate estimations.