Decks Designer Software

Producing deck designs and plans visually and painlessly.

We helped the founder of realize his vision to create the best deck designer available and put it on the web:

  • The tool covers the lifecycle of any deck project from planning to installation
  • Non-experts can design a deck in minutes with an easy drag-and-drop interface
  • Users draw a deck in 2D and get a permit-ready plan and materials order list
  • Users build structures by snapping together pre-defined structural configurations
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The founder of had a grand vision. He wanted to build the best deck designer available and have it become a ubiquitous platform on the web. A key requirement for the project was for the deck designer to cover the lifecycle of any deck project from planning through installation.

Problem needed an easier, more interactive way for its non-expert customers to see, experience, and plan a deck project. High costs and uncertainty of outcomes made the company skeptical of a software solution. approached RoleModel after hearing positive reviews of its ability to adapt cutting edge technologies for industries that rely on rapid structural design.


After researching the business model and goals of thoroughly, RoleModel proposed a flexible development plan designed to evolve alongside the demands of the client's business.

RoleModel worked with to design a web application that would allow users to create deck plans meeting all engineering regulations for the US and Canada.

Using expertise in HTML5 canvas, RoleModel developed a prototype of a cross-platform web app, with particular emphasis on providing a user-friendly, interactive experience for customers. RoleModel adapted to evolving goals without compromising quality.

RoleModel used its experience and expertise to build an intuitive app with tremendous end-user appeal, ultimately attracting the attention and facilitating the founder’s sale of his company.

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