Custom Aluminum Railing Design Software Producing Railing Kits

Unique Features:

  • Compiles aluminum railing designs into kits for fast and easy delivery/installation
  • Successfully onboarded within a 2 week timeframe 
  • Initial design platform foundational for future product line expansion
  • Manufacturer focused design tool with user-specific versions
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Working with RoleModel is different than any other software team we have ever worked with. It was obvious from the first meeting they had two goals: Designing a configurator that was exactly what we wanted and that we launched on time. We could not be happier with the end result.

Todd Zureick
VP, Sales & Marketing

The Customization Story:

Hollaender is a railing manufacturer out of Cincinnati, Ohio. Their company recently launched a new railing design and wanted the ability to sell the designs as a kit where they could sell and ship the complete railing system design. 

RoleModel Software was able to quickly build this new product line into Hollaender’s custom Railing Designer software in less than two weeks.