Design buildings with a tool customized for your business

A software tool designed to help contractors, builders, and suppliers centralize and simplify the process of building houses.

Customize your Building Designer

Building Designer's feature set was created to be customized for:


Whether you're designing a custom home, or a corporate workspace, Building Designer's feature set can help you fast track your estimates, design your envelope, visualize your layout, and streamline communication

Modular Construction

Onboard your modular components and structures, design in real time, with instant estimates, visualization, customizable features and more. Your tailored design solution will drive your differentiators.


Visualize the space being remodeled and onboard your textures and offerings to sell better, and operate more efficiently. Building Designer can be customized to your unique business needs to drive what sets you apart

Suppliers and Contractors

Your products, communication needs, data management, and more can be customized with Building Designer to help you control your processes efficiently and open the door to new opportunities

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An example of what Building Designer can do:

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Building Designer Feature Suite:

It's not SaaS or boxed software, but rather a framework to customize your ideal solution

Control your Envelope

Manage dimensions, calculate square footage and cost estimates instantly, visualize your build, and leave no doubt when it comes to the desires of your client.

Envision the Details

When it comes to visualization, Building Designer can be customized to your building detail options to help you and your client fall in love with their dream space.

Manage Communication

If you're a custom home builder needing to keep your subs up to speed, or an organization needing better internal connectivity, Building Designer is a single source of truth.

Streamline Permitting

Permitting is a rules based function that we can automate into your design platform so that you can expedite your process from start to finish with fewer errors and higher productivity.

Instant Visualization

From designing over a floor plan, editing an envelope, to sharing customization options with your client, Building Designer allows for instant 2D/3D visualization with every change.

Design Automation

By tailoring your Building Designer solution to your company and the engineering rules you follow, you can design faster, with fewer errors, freeing up the time of your most valuable employees.

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Customization Story

Picture this.. You're a modular home construction company with preconfigured options your clients select and combine to design their ideal home. Your products and offerings can be onboarded into the Building Designer platform to allow instant design online connected to realistic 3D visualization, accurate estimates given in real time, and streamlined communication with your customers. Building Designer could help you track your inventory, manage your projects, and integrate with your ERP or CRM solutions to create an end to end workflow that engages your clients, and helps you highlight the offerings that sets your company apart. 

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