Custom SaaS

SaaS platforms have a wide range of applications, but the one consistency is that regardless of the software's capabilities, users have to work within the constraints of the created software. Often times this doesn't pose an issue for companies willing to make tradeoffs with the system. However, there are many occasions where companies become massively hindered by software that wasn't specifically created for their business.

RoleModel Software's Custom SaaS applications are changing what's possible with pre-configured software. Rather than rolling out software that forces companies to adjust their workflow for the solution, these Custom SaaS applications are created with the expectation of tailoring the software to the individual user. This means that the Custom SaaS offerings from RoleModel start with a purpose, and user interface pre-configured, but then we work with you to integrate your specific business needs and operations into the software itself. The final result is a software solution that operates precisely the way you need. 
You get custom software performance, without the custom software price.